Ghosts, Demons and Poltergeists…

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Demons, Ghosts, Poltergeists, The Supernatural
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What I have found in the past is that many people have misguided perceptions on what ghosts, demons and poltergeists really are and how to tell them apart.  Hauntings or possessions tend to have similar qualities with each, but they are actually very different all together.  When you think of hauntings, what do you think of?  Is it seeing shadowy figures, things flying through the air, bumps in the night, hearing footsteps in the hallway, levitations, scratches and bruising on your body?  Or do you thing of all of these things?  The fact is that these things are not all caused by either ghosts, demons or poltergeists.  Your experience with each will not cause all of these symptoms.


A ghost; defined by the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined,usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons; causes no physical activity what so ever.  It is merely an imprint of ones spirit upon some object or location.  It is similar to when you have your picture taken or record your voice on a voice recorder.  Something, a tragic death for example, left the imprint of the person’s spirit on an object or in a location.  A ghost will not interact with you in the form of physical contact (scratches and bruising) or physical strength (moving objects and levitation).  They are not something to fear due to the fact that they do not have any effect on your life.  The fact that they are there just may make you nervous.  Therefore, require no action at all.

A demon or poltergeist is a totally different story and require professional (exorcism and counseling) help to remove them from your life.  If you feel that either one of these things are effecting your life you must seek help from your church (demon) or counselor (poltergeist) immediately!


A demon, as defined by an evil spirit; devil or fiend, possesses a great ability to destroy the lives of yourself and the ones around you.  They may do so even to the extent of death to you and/or your loved ones.  It is very dangerous to try to ignore or fight one on your own.  Please, do not try to taunt the being, they are very deadly.  Their soul purpose is to torment and destroy the living.  This is where I bring your attention to the Christian faith for example.  It is taught that demons are fallen angels that the Christian God cast out from heaven.  The reason for this is that Lucifer, a former angelic leader for God, waged a war against God basically because of his pride.  Before humans came along, the angels were God’s chosen children, favorites if you will, until the humans were created.  Lucifer and the other fallen angels (demons) became the jealous sibling and will stop at nothing to hurt humans out of spite.  Whether through haunting or possession, they can and will make your life a “living hell”.  In most cases you can avoid the problem by simply not giving them the opportunity to come into your life.  Avoid using things like the Ouija board (even if you just draw it, all together it is dangerous and opens the door to anything) and black magic.  Better yet avoid occult practices all together!  They open the doorway for possession.  An even better way of avoiding possession is to take the holy spirit into oneself through salvation.

Demons may possess buildings.  This means that by some means a demon was brought into our world and has decided a particular building is its new home.  That does not mean that this demon will not possess an individual.  Once the being sets its eyes on the object of its desire, it will not let go without professional help.  All physical manifestations of a supernatural nature must first be considered demonic in nature and you must seek help from your church.  Physical manifestations include; but not limited to; objects moving on their own, noises that are not natural and marks on the body like scratches and bruising.  Seek immediate help if any physical manifestations are present.

Finally, a poltergeist, as defined by a ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by physical manifestation, is not a ghost or spirit at all.  Therefore the definition of the word poltergeist is completely incorrect.  It is the telekinetic manifestation of a person who is mentally or emotionally unstable.  This doesn’t mean that the person is crazy.  By no means does it mean that.  It may mean that they do have a mental illness, but in most cases the person is just stressed beyond their natural ability to control.  To determine whether this manifestation is caused by a poltergeist or a demon you must seek professional guidance in your church.  By no means blame the person for this happening either.  It is not their fault.  This is something that is out of their control.  If it is found that you have a poltergeist instead of a demon, you should seek professional counseling services and practice safe stress relief activities such as exercise and meditation.  If there is more than one person around when the manifestations occur, seek services for them all.  One person may be obviously stressed and automatically take the blame, but it may be caused by someone else all together that is unnoticeable and may have a mental illness.

The fact of the matter is, ghosts are perfectly harmless so there is no need to do anything about them.  Demons and poltergeists on the other hand are not so safe.  You should seek immediate aid from your church to determine which you are dealing with and act accordingly.  Do what you can to avoid either by avoiding the occult and learning proper ways to relieve stress.  I can not stress this information more!!!

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